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About Us

We are a creative Digital Product Development company based in Montreal

Here at AppSolutions, we are a young team of passionate & creative individuals, committed to produce high-quality digital products. With ten years of experience we have the knowledge and the tools to stay up to date with the latest evolution in technology frameworks.

We run our Digital Product Development Company from the beautiful city of Montreal, with a completely remote team working with the best-detailed-oriented computer scientists we could find.

The main goal for starting AppSolutions was to present a sought-after, innovative product and service that reflects the client’s image and needs, while respecting industry standards.

At AppSolutions, we take our projects to heart, no matter the size of the project or the company. We have many solutions to fit your goals, brand and budget while keeping quality in the front of our minds.

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We love staying up to date with emerging trends and the latest in technology. Our commitment to your project makes us determined in delivering the very best, solid and high quality code, laid out by the industry giant's best practices.

Web design & Development

Mobile & Apps



API Development & Integration


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Our Approach

We follow agile design & development techniques




Propose Solutions


Plan & Design


Execute & Test


Launch & Monitor


Our projects always begin by gathering information about our clients and their business, to help you understand and highlight your needs. We are flexible in terms of communication and encourage any and all forms of virtual contact to master the vision of your brand, at which point we can highlight the project objectives.


02Propose Solutions

Once the project objectives are targeted and outlined, we will propose the appropriate solutions for a concrete and customized resolution.

03Plan & Design

Our team of analysts and designers will use all the information provided to determine the look and overall feel of your product. From UI/UX to colour schemes, we analyze every aspect of your product. Once the analysis is complete, our designers will create mock-ups or prototypes, which will be communicated with the client for the purpose of integrating your ideas and incorporating your essential feedback.


04Execute & Test

At this stage, based on the established design outlines, our team of programmers will start developing the product while using the latest in trends and technologies.

Once executed, the products undergo a rigorous process of testing and verification to ensure long-standing performance and bug-free solutions.

05Launch & Monitor

At this phase, we will deploy the solution to the appropriate platform, such as the internet, cloud or mobile app stores.

Here at AppSolutions, we will continuously monitor the end-solutions from a technical and user behavior perspective. We will also provide solution monitoring throughout a pre-established timeframe as we are committed to providing you with regular process reports and updates on your solution.


Why Choose Us


Quality Driven Process

Our 5 phase process is designed to help the project flow smoothly from start to finish. We apply high standards, with quality control checks throughout the process, while communicating with you on different stages of the project.


Goal Oriented

We work closely with our clients and are focused on performing extensive work in order to fulfill any and all of your goals and objectives, while using the latest in analytical technologies.


Creative ideas & sound solutions

Our unique solutions will help you stand out and become successful in your respective field. We will help you to manage, measure, and develop your online brand to reach the highest possible quality.


We Ask, Listen and Understand

At AppSolutions, we understand that you know your business better than anyone. Thus, we aim to incorporate your innovative ideas and feature your visions.


Experienced Team

Our designers and developers are highly skilled and are experts in their chosen fields. With ten years for experience, they will use only the latest in web technologies to create a bug free solution that is well-documented and well tested.


We Are On Time And On Budget

Here at AppSolutions, we believe you should get what you agreed on without surprises. We understand that time is of the essence and pride ourselves on never extending pre-established deadlines, while staying within the agreed upon budget.

Got a project?

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AppSolutions Inc.
4388 Rue Saint-Denis
Suite 200 #401
Montreal, QC H2J 2L1
(+1) 514-623-6913

AppSolutions Inc.
4388 Rue Saint-Denis
Suite 200 #401
Montreal, QC H2J 2L1
(+1) 514-623-6913