Integrated management systems

ERP integration.

Optimize your business processes with our tailor-made ERP solutions. Whether for customer relationship management, accounting or supply chain management, our integrated management systems improve efficiency and help your business grow.

Odoo expert.

Odoo customization and deployment tailored to your industry.

Business Intelligence.

Turn data into strategic decisions.

Process automation.

Reduce costs and errors with automation.

Support and Maintenance.

Reliable support for continuous ERP performance.

our ERP solutions

Overview of Odoo features and modules.

Whether you’re looking for an effective customer relationship management solution, sales or marketing process automation, or streamlined operations integration, we’ve got the right solution for you.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Lead acquisition.
  • Allocate and track leads.
  • Pipeline management.
  • Analyze your teams’ performance.
  • Optimization of daily work.
  • Submission of quotations.
  • Billing management.
  • Product and price management.
  • Connections to your online store.
  • Order management.
Point of sale (POS)
  • Store features.
  • Restaurant / store features.
  • Payment terminals.
  • Pricing features.
  • Tax data modules.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Social network marketing.
  • Newsletter / SMS management.
  • Event management.
  • Polls.
Human resources
  • Employee management.
  • Recruitment management.
  • Leave management.
  • Performance appraisal management.
  • Time sheet management.
And much, much more!
  • Project management.
  • Communication / VOIP.
  • Knowledge base.
  • Accounting.
  • Electronic signature.

our commitments

ERP expertise to match your ambitions.

Human-centered, we integrate ERP systems that emphasize intuitiveness and ease of use, reflecting our commitment to improved operational efficiency. Innovation and scalable solutions are the foundation of our services, guaranteeing harmonious development at the pace of your business.

Multi-sector expertise.

We offer customized ERP solutions for a variety of industries to meet specific needs.

Certifications and partnerships.

Our team is certified and works closely with ERP leaders, ensuring reliable, state-of-the-art integration.

User-centered approach.

We design intuitive, easy-to-use ERP systems that enhance user experience and operational efficiency.

Innovation and scalable solutions.

We integrate the latest ERP innovations to deliver scalable solutions that grow with your business.

Full technical support.

We offer responsive and comprehensive technical support to ensure seamless integration and efficient maintenance.

Advanced reporting and analysis.

Our ERP solutions integrate powerful analysis and reporting tools, transforming data into strategic insights for decision-making.


Frequently asked questions

Here is a small selection of the most frequent questions we receive. If you have any questions that you would like us to answer that are not already answered, please contact us.

What does ERP mean?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It’s a type of software that helps companies manage and integrate important processes across multiple departments, such as finance, supply chain, operations, trading, reporting and more.

How do you integrate ERP into your business?

Integrating an ERP system into a company starts with a thorough analysis of the company’s specific needs, in order to select the most suitable ERP system. This is followed by careful project planning, including defining objectives and preparing the team. Next, the ERP software is installed and configured to meet the company’s requirements. Careful migration of existing data to the new system is crucial to ensure business continuity. Employee training is an essential step in ensuring effective adoption of the system. Finally, the company launches the ERP system and makes ongoing adjustments to optimize its use.

What are the stages involved in setting up an ERP system?

ERP implementation begins with project planning, where objectives, budget and project team are defined. This phase is crucial to the success of the implementation. Selecting the right ERP system for the company’s needs is the next step, involving an evaluation of the various options available. Once the system has been chosen, the company moves on to designing and customizing the software to align it with its internal processes. System deployment includes software installation and data migration. Before commissioning, a training and testing phase is essential to ensure that the system functions correctly and that users are comfortable with its use. Finally, the system goes live, with ongoing support to resolve any problems and carry out any necessary updates.

Customer service


What our customers say about us.

We have had the pleasure of working with many clients and partners. Here is a selection of testimonies that some of them were willing to share.

Tanya Lecuyer
Tanya Lecuyer
Superbe travail de Yassir et Othmane: service professionnel, efficace et de première qualité. Notre organisation à but non lucratif a beaucoup de chance d'avoir pu compter sur votre appui pour le développement d'une section de son site web! Merci,
Cara Nguyenmei
Cara Nguyenmei
Super expérience pour la création de notre site web! L'équipe a bien capté nos besoins, le résultat est top. Rapide, efficace et très pro. On est vraiment contents, merci!
Duc Dang Khoa Nguyen
Duc Dang Khoa Nguyen
Excellent travail sur l’intégration d’Odoo ! Simple, efficace, et a vraiment amélioré nos processus. L’équipe est formidable. Hautement recommandé !
Emilie Couillard
Emilie Couillard
Yassir et Othmane ont été d'une grande aide pour revisiter le design et les fonctionnalités de notre site web! Ca été vraiment facile de travailler avec eux, ils ont été patients et ont pris le temps de répondre à toutes nos questions et s'adapter à nos différentes demandes. Un énorme merci, je recommande fortement AppSolutions!
Tarik Essakhi
Tarik Essakhi
Bonne compréhension du besoin, equipe tres professionel à l’écoute du client. respect de l’échéancier.
zachary lefebvre
zachary lefebvre
Great team and a great experience ! i can't ask for a better quality of work !
hasni nabil
hasni nabil
Fortement recommandé! Équipe professionnelle et à l'écoute du client. J'ai adoré mon expérience chez AppSolutions


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