Website creation in 2024: Online Platforms vs Customization

The creation of a website is a crucial step for any business or organization that wishes to have an online presence. There are two main options for website creation: online website building platforms and custom creation. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of each of these options.

Online Website Building Platforms

Online website building platforms are services that allow users to create websites without having to write code or hire a web developer. These platforms offer pre-designed website templates and tools to customize the site’s design, content, and features.


  1. Accessibility – Online website building platforms are very accessible for beginners and people without web development skills. They provide an intuitive experience for website creation, with user-friendly tools and drag-and-drop options to add design elements.
  2. Cost – Online website building platforms are typically low cost and sometimes even free. Users can create a basic website without spending much money, and they can opt for advanced features as their website grows.
  3. Speed – Building a website with an online website building platform is typically much faster than custom creation. Users can choose a website template, add their content, and customize the design in a few hours.
  4. Updates – Online website building platforms handle the website updates, meaning users don’t have to worry about security issues or compatibility problems.


  1. Customization Limitations – Online website building platforms offer pre-designed templates to users, which limit the customization of the site’s design and functionality.
  2. Dependency – Users are dependent on the online website building platform and its features for their website. If the platform shuts down or changes its offerings, users may lose their website or be forced to migrate it to another platform.
  3. Complexity – While online website building platforms are designed to be accessible, they can become complex for users who need advanced features or code customization.
  4. Performance – Online website building platforms have performance limitations, which can result in slow loading times and security issues.
Website creation

Custom Website Creation

Custom website creation involves hiring a web developer to create a website from scratch, using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This option offers a much higher level of customization than online website building platforms, but it also requires a higher budget and technical expertise.


  1. Customization – Custom website creation offers a much higher level of customization than online website building platforms. Web developers can create a tailored website that perfectly meets the needs of the business or organization.
  2. Control – Users have total control over their website and can make changes at any time without being limited by the features offered by the online website building platform.
  3. Performance – Custom websites are often more performant than websites created with online website building platforms, which can improve the user experience and organic SEO.
  4. Flexibility – Custom websites can be adapted as the business or organization’s needs evolve.


  1. Cost – Custom website creation is typically more expensive than using an online website building platform, as it requires hiring a web developer.
  2. Time – Custom website creation takes much more time than online website creation, as web developers have to write the code from scratch.
  3. Technical Skills – Users must have some understanding of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to effectively collaborate with web developers.
  4. Maintenance – Custom websites require ongoing maintenance to ensure their security and compatibility.

Both online website building platforms and custom website creation have their own pros and cons. Online website building platforms are ideal for beginners or small businesses with a limited budget, while custom website creation is recommended for larger businesses or organizations that need a high level of customization and performance. In either case, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each option before deciding on the best way to create your website. If you are struggling to make a choice, don’t hesitate to contact our team for personalized advice on website creation suited to your needs.

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